Clean 2 Antarctica

Two people are heading for the South Pole in a vehicle made of plastic waste, powered by the sun. How do we create a sustainable world? With a change in thinking and trial and error. That’s what we want to achieve, by turning our plastic waste into an adventure and putting the next generation in charge. We can only do this with the support of people who believe in our mission.

0 days to go - 171 backers , €161.376,72 pledged of €300.000 goal !
Become a supporter of the mission
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With your contribution you show that you want bring sustainability to the next level.

Start your own adventure with waste plastic
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You support our mission to show that plastic is not worthless and contribute to an education program for elementary schools. We also translate this surprising information into an adult version for you.

Feel the Solar Voyager
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The Solar Voyager is the tangible result of our expedition and mission. We invite you to come by for an inspirational tour at our Mission Control Center. By experiencing it with your own eyes and hands you will understand the essence of Clean2Antarctica.

Discover the power of Zero Waste
Pledge €100 or more
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Reach your next level. In this workshop we fill your ‘head’ with the knowledge of zero waste. But more importantly, we set your ‘heart’ on fire for the fun of embracing discomfort and the power of zero waste. You can’t come to Amsterdam? We also have an online version!

Give sustainability a voice
Pledge €250 or more
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Adopt a HexCore, the building block of our vehicle. With this you send the sustainability messages of children to the South Pole. You can also give attention to your own or someone else’s sustainable project. On our site we showcase all these messages and projects to show that they’re all drops that make up a tsunami.

Drive the Solar Voyager
Pledge €1.000 or more
11 backers

With your contribution we can organize a testing event at the beach! To show our gratitude we invite you to be part of it as VIP guest and take a seat behind the steering wheel!

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Stop imagining, start doing!

Positieve initatieven en de mensen daarachter helpen wij samen aan het bereik en de middelen die nodig zijn om verder te komen.

Ondernemende, innovatieve, culturele en duurzame initiatieven die bijdragen aan een betere wereld komen zo in een stroomversnelling, waarmee een positieve golf geraliseerd wordt. Het bereik en de impact van het project vergroot je door de boodschap te delen.

Onze projecten


Down to Earth Collective

We want to unlock the wisdom of the Earth Keepers, so that it can be used to make a positive impact. We need to keep the wisdom that can benefit both older and new generations. With € 25,000 we can start producing the first web episode about Leadership.


Makers Unite

RAMZI is the first fully circular bag that connects refugees with local societies. Profit from RAMZI go directly back into our social and vocational inclusion programmes for newcomers. Help us tell more stories like Ramzi’s.


Steun Bas Timmer en Sheltersuit in New York

Support Bas Timmer in his mission to provide everyone who is homeless with warmth, protection and dignity with Sheltersuit. A Sheltersuit is a wind and waterproof jacket with a zip-on sleeping bag.

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SUE's Warriors

SUE’s Warriors Foundation zet zich in voor meer diversiteit in mode en media om zo een inclusieve samenleving te promoten.

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Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week

Wat je draagt, heeft impact op andere mensen en het milieu. Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week wil zoveel mogelijk consumenten daar op positieve wijze bewust van maken door jong talent, spraakmakende collecties en innovatieve ontwikkelingen in de spotlights te zetten.

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